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Bug#694979: debbugs: get_bugs() should allow specifying binary versions of packages

Control: block 257873 by -1

On Sun, 02 Dec 2012 22:38:50 +0100 Francesco Poli (wintermute) wrote:

> Package: debbugs
> Severity: wishlist
> I would need to call get_bugs() so that it returned an array with
> all the (unarchived) bug-numbers that apply to the specified binary
> version of one of the mentioned binary packages and have one of
> the mentioned severities.
> Something like:
> get_bugs('severity', ["critical", "grave"],
>          'package', ["pkg1/x.y-z", "pkg2", "pkg3/a.b.c-d"])
> which would request the bugs that apply to binary version x.y-z of
> binary package pkg1, the bugs that apply to any version of binary
> package pkg2, and the bugs that apply to binary version a.b.c-d of
> binary package pkg3.
> It would be really really great, if you could implement a way to obtain
> what I described with one single get_bugs() SOAP request.

have you thought about this feature request?
Is it feasible?

It would be really really awesome, if you could implement it!
Please let me know.

Thanks for your time!


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