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Bug#590269: create a web-based submission for use with reportbug and possibly everything


I'm writing a patch for reportbug, and I believe the cgi might need some minor

If the bugreport is a security problem, reportbug asks whether it is an
undisclosed vulnerability. If the answer is Yes, the report is NOT to be sent
to submit@bugs.debian.org but rather to team@security.debian.org.
Right now, the CGI will override the destination and publish the problem on the
BTS, which is probably a Bad idea™.

Additionnaly, there are a few other addresses that would be nice to support:

reportbug -kudos sends mail to:
  _package_ @packages.debian.org

If the security tag is present, reportbug will cc:
 Debian Security Team <team@security.debian.org>
 Debian Testing Security Team <secure-testing-team@lists.alioth.debian.org>

If the user sends additionnal information, report bug will send to
 Debian Bug Tracking System <nnnnnn@bugs.debian.org>
Right now the cgi will post to submit, and it might be catched by the BTS [1]
but it would be nice to support these addresses too.

The bugreport cc: option is only writing X-Debbugs-CC headers, so this is not
an issue.

How bad would it be to support all adresses matching *@*.debian.org in to: and
cc:, regarding spams?

My perl level is close to nil. Can anyone look into that?

[1] http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer#subjectscan

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