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Bug#709175: Mailing list name in Subject: field of processed mails (please revert commit c05083e5394af9c9cad1cfe84e188b9f82e2d2b4)

Package: debbugs

Hi Don,

this commit [1] does not work for the way debbugs is normally used. I'd say the more common case is this:

  user -> debbugs -> mailing-list -> user(s)

This was my original idea when stripping off the [mailing-list-name] in the Subject: field [2] when internally processing bug posts.

The follow-up patch [1] that you committed later presumes this mail posting path:

  user -> mailing list -> debbugs -> somewhere...

Which seems much more rare to me.

So my suggestion is: revert commit c05083e [1].


[1] http://git.donarmstrong.com/?p=debbugs.git;a=commitdiff;h=c05083e5394af9c9cad1cfe84e188b9f82e2d2b4 [2] http://git.donarmstrong.com/?p=debbugs.git;a=commitdiff;h=b7843cf92e2fa55b89e0993eb82c4453d3736d46


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