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Bug#708075: debbugs: requesting a "triggered-by" mechanism

package: debbugs
severity: wishlist
version: 2.4.1


Testing currently "appears" to have quite a large rc bug count [0]
even though most of those issues (at this time) only affect unstable.
This is because the bug is caused by another package in unstable that
has yet to transition to testing.

I would like to propose a "triggered-by <bug> <other package>
<version>" command for the control server.  This would have the affect
of making the bts only consider the <bug> affecting the releases that
already have <version> (or greater) of <other package>.

For example consider bug #707797.  This bug is currently tracked as
affecting both jessie and sid, even though jessie does not yet have
libffi6, so in actuality, it is not affected (yet). An example
"triggered-by" message to the control server for this case would be:

  triggered-by 707797 libffi6 3.0.13-4

Then the bug would be considered only affecting suites that have
libffi6 3.0.13-4 or higher.

Thanks for considering this.

Best wishes,

[0] http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical

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