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Re: Debbugs sending mails to bugs=<bugno>@$gListDomain

Hi again,

I took a closer look at the code...

On Mi 12 Sep 2012 10:18:09 CEST Mike Gabriel wrote:

Hi Don, hi all,

around line 720 in /scripts/process I find the below line:

# Send mail to the per bug list subscription too
push @bccs, "bugs=$ref\@$gListDomain";

My gListDomain (for X2Go Bug Tracker) is ,,lists.berlios.de''. And the list server there does not know about mailboxes (or lists) of the name:



  - what is the use of that line?

Answering myself. It is for sending bug mails to a list server that has one mailing list per bug.

  - can it be conditionalized (if ... then ...)?
  - if it can be contitionalized... What may be the best approach for this?

Furthermore I found that there is some inconsistency around gBugSubscriptionDomain and gListDomain in the code.

I added $gBugSubscriptionDomain="" to my /etc/debbugs/config file and I guess the process code should check for length($gBugSubscriptionDomain)>0 and only then process the mailing to bugs=XXXX@$gBugSubscriptionDomain.

This does not seem to be the case at all places, is that correct (before diving into the code and trying to change that).



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