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Bug#686928: Makefile rule to fix failing templates installation

On Fri, 07 Sep 2012, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> the last two lines in the Makefile have to be replaced by these:
> """
>         # install the templates
>         $(foreach dir, $(wildcard templates/*/*), $(install_exec) -d
> $(templates_dir)/$(patsubst templates/%,%,$(dir)) ; )
>         $(foreach tmpl, $(wildcard templates/*/*/*.tmpl),
> $(install_data) $(tmpl) $(templates_dir)/$(patsubst
> templates/%,%,$(tmpl)) ; )
> """

Thanks for the report; I've fixed this in @f11e4. The git repository
is available on bugs.debian.org/debbugs-source/ or github or
http://git.donarmstrong.com/debbugs.git; feel free to submit patches
to it.

Don Armstrong

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