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Questions about BTS SOAP interface "pending" attribute

Hello Debbugs maintainers,
I am one of the co-maintainers of the apt-listbugs package.

During an attempt to improve apt-listbugs documentation with the help
of the Debian English l10n mailing list regulars (in Cc), it turned out
that some of the four bug status names are a bit misleading.
The four names I am referring to are: 'forwarded', 'done', 'pending',
and 'pending-fixed'.

Those names come directly from the BTS SOAP interface.
To be more precise, they come from the "pending" attribute returned by
the BTS SOAP interface.
Unfortunately I cannot find complete and updated documentation for this
SOAP interface (http://wiki.debian.org/DebbugsSoapInterface seems to be
incomplete, as it claims that the "pending" attribute may be either
'pending' or 'done').

Hence, I would like to ask for confirmation on some points.
Please Cc me and debian-l10n-english on replies, thanks.

First of all, my understanding of the meaning of those four statuses is:

  means that the bug is open and forwarded to upstream

  means that the bug is marked as done

  means that the bug is open, but not forwarded nor tagged "pending"

  means that the bug is open, but tagged "pending"

Do you confirm this?

I believe that no other possible status may be returned by the BTS SOAP
Do you also confirm this?

If my understanding of the four statuses is correct, it seems to me
that their names are a bit misleading: while 'forwarded' and 'done'
look basically OK to me, 'pending' seems a bit of a misnomer to me
for a bug that is open, but not forwarded nor tagged "pending" (I would
call it 'unfixed' or something like that); finally, 'pending-fixed'
looks a bit awkward to me (I would simply call it 'pending', since it
corresponds to the "pending" tag for open bugs).

Since changing these names would break the SOAP interface, I am *not*
suggesting to alter those attribute values. I am just asking for
clarification on their meanings and on their names.

Please let us know.
Thanks for your time.  

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