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Re: debbugs and debian-ports.org (was Re: Bug#660149 closed by Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@debian.org> (Re: atari-bootstrap: fails to boot kernel))

[cc-ing debian-debbugs@lists.debian.org and debian-68k@lists.debian.org]

On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 07:33:09PM +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Francesca Ciceri dixit:
> >> where are we supposed to track bugs against packages in
> >> debian-ports.org’s unreleased suite?
> >
> >Aehm. No idea. I mean, do you usually use the BTS? 
> [...]
> I don’t know what should be the answer. There are strong
> points for both sides. Getting users to report bugs against
> something not the BTS for _some_ packages will be hard,
> even if we find something.

I'm reopening the bug: the idea of this task is to clean up
useless things, not to interfere with someone else job. ;)

Now, just a couple of random thoughts about it.

@ m68k porters: I noted that s390x porters use a specific usertag
to group all bugs related to their port [1]: do you already do that?
It probably can help in searching/tracking bugs specific for you port.
(Sorry if I'm saying something obvious, as said: I'm not into ports,
so I don't really know how are managed, but I'd like to be of help 
in this BTS-problem)
@ debbugs people: Is there any chance to include in the BTS also
not-released ports? I mean, I know they technically are not Debian, but
also non-free is not Debian and it is in the BTS ;)
Are there reasons to avoid it, or is it technically possible to track also
packages in debian-ports.org?

Thanks in advance,

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