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BTS commands forcemerge and merge merging fields

Currently, merge and forcemerge combine all of the tags, found
versions, and fixed versions set on a bug. It has recently been
brought to my attention[1] that this is probably not optimal, because
most cases when merge or forcemerge is used, one bug has the right
state, and the rest are dupes that do not.

To make this easier on maintainers, I'm going to change merge to
require tags be equal between bugs. This also means that forcemerge
will set the tags to the same value(s) as the "master bug".

Secondly, I plan on combining affects between all merged sets in a
forcemerge or merge, as for most of these bugs, having more affects
rather than fewer is a good thing, as it reduces needless duplicates.

If this is a problem or you have any objections, let me know.

Don Armstrong

1: Thanks to Julien, Cyril, and Rene on IRC.
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