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Migrating tickets from Savane to Debbugs


I've been discussing with Ludovic Courtès (in CC:) the possibility of
migrating tickets that currently live in some Savane instance for some
GNU projects which would be interested in managing them in Debbugs (in
the GNU instance).

I hope this is not too much OT to discuss such options here.

I can see 2 options :

- using forgeplucker [0], that has some support for extracting bugs from
Savane (however probably not usable, buggy, etc.), hence requiring some
Python hacking, and using some kind of debbugs APIs (mails ?) or perl
code, to inject back the output of forgeplucker into debbugs (JSON
parsing in Perl, etc.)

- using SD [1], would it support both Savane (I'm afraid no one started
some support for Savane) and debbugs (some effort was started to do so,
AFAICT). This latter solution would, if completed, allow later syncing
of old bugs and new clones, should the bugs in Savane be kept for
reference (and external links to them).

I'm afraid there ain't any viable solution, but I'd hope such a real use
case may help polishing past efforts that have not really delivered so

Any comments, ideas, suggestions, candidates for hacking on these ?

Best regards,

P.S.: Ludovic, feel free to pass the word to the GNU hackers, and add me
in CC:
P.P.S.: thanks to zack and sylvestre for putting Ludovic in touch with
me on that subject.

[0] http://home.gna.org/forgeplucker/
[1] http://syncwith.us/sd/
Olivier BERGER <olivier.berger@it-sudparis.eu>
http://www-public.it-sudparis.eu/~berger_o/ - OpenPGP-Id: 2048R/5819D7E8
Ingénieur Recherche - Dept INF
Institut TELECOM, SudParis (http://www.it-sudparis.eu/), Evry (France)

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