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Re: How about a tool to search in the BTS database?

On 02/08/11 at 02:05 +0200, Julien VAUBOURG wrote:
> Hi,
> With Lucas Nussbaum, we thought that the BTS needs a tool to search
> in the database.
> So, I started to code something that may interest you, with a
> Xapian[0] database. To have an overview, you can see the attached
> manpage bunny.1, with less. If you would to see the project progress
> I've attached the client bunny, the server side bunny-server.pl and
> the indexer bunny-indexer.pl.


For clarification: I suggested to Cc pkg-devscripts, because the
client-side is probably something that should end up in devscripts. And
to Cc Enrico, since he did similar things (minechangelogs) and might be
interested in that work for NM stuff.

- Lucas

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