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Bug#565513: debbugs: Provide an OSLC-CM compatible REST API

On Sun, 17 Jan 2010, Olivier Berger wrote:
> Le samedi 16 janvier 2010 à 07:18 -0800, Don Armstrong a écrit :
> > On Sat, 16 Jan 2010, Olivier Berger wrote:
> > > OSLC-CM is a protocol that seeks to establish a standard for
> > > interoperability with Change Management servers, i.e. bugtrackers
> > > included.
> > 
> > I glanced at the website which contains the specification, and I have
> > no clue what in particular you want me to implement for Debbugs.
> Well, the OSLC-CM V1 specification would be a good start ;)
> In short, it's a REST API allowing to submit, retrieve and change
> bugs. It's based on either JSON or XML (RDF and ATOM) for the
> transferred data.

It wasn't clear what part of the specification actually enabled you to
do that. [Honestly, it's still not clear, because the specification
isn't particularly well organized, nor does it have a very logical
layout that.]

Furthermore, we won't be supporting submitting or modifying bugs via
any non-email API. [At least, not in the forseable future.]
> The main advantage I can see for OSLC-CM is that tools like
> reportbug, bug-buddy, bts, bz, bts-link, mylyn or others could only
> implement on single standard instead of having to deal with various
> sorts of APIs once the bugtrackers have agreed to use this standard.

Unfortuatly, OSLC-CM doesn't appear anywhere near complete enough to
handle the reports that reportbug, bts, et al. already deal with.

Don Armstrong

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 -- Anthony Towns

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