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Bug#545996: #545996: please inform submitters they need to subs cribe

Holger Levsen wrote:
> But I also think the acknowledgement mail should contain the information
> that the submitter is not being subscribed by default and how s/he can
> subscribe.

IMHO this is very wrong: the user has already taken the trouble to report 
the bug. We should not make him/her jump through extra hoops just so he 
can participate in the resolution of the bug. And he should also not run 
the risk of missing requests for additional information from the package 
maintainer if he fails to subscribe.

Therefore I think the title of this BR "inform submitters they *need* to 
subscribe" is horribly wrong.
Submitters should not have to do anything to get informed when they should 
be. As long as CCing (or subscribing) submitters is NOT the default, the 
burden is on _us_, the Debian Developers, to get it right.

My personal opinion is that there is only one valid use case for opting 
out of getting CCed as subscriber, and that is when the submitter is also 
receiving follow-ups because he's a member of the packaging team and thus 
already subscribed to the maintainer mailing list or PTS for the package.

I'm very much in favor of having submitters receive mails by default, at 
least for follow-ups, but IMO also for status changes.

Only too often have I missed the fact that a maintainer silently changed 
the priority of a bug I thought was RC. That should not happen. The 
submitter should be informed so he can argue against the change if he 
feels it's wrong.


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