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Bug#513820: Proposal for a new 'needsponsor' tag

reassign 513820 bugs.debian.org

On Sun, 01 Feb 2009, Vincent Fourmond wrote:
> While browsing for RC bugs to fix, I found that it is not easy to
> find bugs which are fixed by the maintainer but in need of a
> sponsor. What do you think about implementing a 'needsponsor' tag
> that would precisely mean that ?

Sponsorshop requests should be made on debian-mentors@l.d.o; the BTS
isn't really the place to indicate them.

That said, it'd be pretty easy to figure out which bugs could possibly
be filled by a sponsorship upload by looking for bugs which are tagged
pending and aren't fixed in unstable, but don't have maintainers or
uploaders who are DDs or DMs.

Don Armstrong

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