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Bug#504628: debbugs: Display WNPP information for the package on every bug page

Package: debbugs
Severity: wishlist


I have recently prepared a NMU version for the package
universalindentgui to fix bug #486577. I found out just now through
http://bts.turmzimmer.net/details.php that the package is RFA-ed. I
found the package useful and I'll probably adopt it, but I wasn't
aware of the fact that the package is RFA-ed until I looked over the
unofficial RC bug count.

So my proposal is as follows:

For RFH, RFA, and O packages it  would probably help to get help if
every bug of the package would show that information prominently in
the web interface.

Something like:

RFH: This maintainer of package "foo" is requesting help with this
package. Please consider helping him. Providing a patch for this bug
and other bugs would be appreciated.

RFA: This maintainer of package "foo" is requesting another person to
take over the mainainership. Please consider adopting the package.

O: The package "foo" has no official maintainer. If you find it useful
please consider adopting this package.

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