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Bug#416581: #416581: Some of these queries are already done


marga@debian.org wrote:
I'm testing my code, and in the meantime I'd like to say that quite a
lot of these queries are already working.

In particular: 1, 2, 3 and 8 are working, with the get_bugs function.
7 is there for the get_status function.

9 is also almost done, although it's sort of difficult to filter by

"4) List related (as in same-source) packages" is also possible, although might require a couple of steps depending on where you start from. If you've got a source package and version pair, then source_to_binary($source, $version) will return an array of (package, version, architecture) arrays.

(Otherwise, binary_to_source($package, $version, $arch) will return a source package and version pair which could then be plugged in to the above).



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