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Bug#497844: add a userview (filter set selection) feature

Package: debbugs
Severity: wishlist

<madduck> how easy would it be to add shortcuts for upstream
<madduck> i always give to my upstreams the url to the bugs page
<madduck> filtered like this:
<madduck> tag:upstream -tags:fixed-upstream -tags:wontfix severity:fixed
<madduck> it would be kinda cool if that url could jsut be
<madduck> http://bugs.d.o/srcpackage.cgi?src=topgit;view=upstream
<madduck> or so
<dondelelcaro> oh, you can just copy and paste the url that you've gotten
<dondelelcaro> (and if it's too long, use shorten or similar)
<madduck> yeah sure.
<madduck> i was just thinking that it would be nice to have a canonical,
          semi-short and "pretty" url for all packages
<dondelelcaro> I could see doing something like that using the usertag
               infrastructure, perhaps
<madduck> that wouldn't create short urls though
<dondelelcaro> sure it would; you'd say userview upstream 
               to control@ for the topgit@p.d.o user, and then go 
<madduck> oh, i didn't know about userview yet. should have gone to your 
          talk. :)
<dondelelcaro> oh, it doesn't exist at all
<dondelelcaro> that's the feature you're asking for
<dondelelcaro> (and how I would implement it)
<madduck> ah yes, yes it is.
<dondelelcaro> could you file a wishlist bug against debbugs for that if 
               you want it?
<madduck> yes
<dondelelcaro> cool
<dondelelcaro> (probably include the log so I remember when I get to it 
<madduck> yessir
<dondelelcaro> thanks

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