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Bug#491269: allow subscribing to just the mails recieved by the submitter (-done, -submitter)

Package: debbugs
Severity: wishlist

Often I go to report a bug and find that someone else has already
reported it. Most of the time I just leave the bug as-is, sometimes I
subscribe to the bug so I can be notified when it is closed. In most of
the cases where I subscribe, I don't care about the discussion that
happens on the bug, I just want to be notified of the closing or when
more info is needed for reproducing the bug. I know that I can manually
delete the extra mails, or setup procmail to delete them, but I'd prefer
to just do the subscription dance and not have to deal with procmail. I
also imagine less technical bug reporters and some others may not be
able to filter their email in order to ignore non-submitter bug mails.



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