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Bug#485839: Allow for other sorting/grouping criteria on pkgreport.cgi

Package: debbugs
Severity: wishlist

When you usertag bugs, you have a list of bugs that span many maintainers
and it would be nice to be able to display that list of bugs
sorted/grouped by maintainers because you really want to take this into
account when planning the work of fixing those... some maintainers
are more likely to need help than others (and some are more likely
to do the work themselves).

Example of a URL where I'd like to sort by maintainer:

Note that the "options" block at the bottom is unusable on that page
as it always send me back to this invalid URL:

Other criteria (except maintainer) that would be interesting for the sort:
- package's name (source and/or binary)
- package's priority
- package's popularity

Raphaël Hertzog

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