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Bug#412033: Processed: retitle 412033 to extremely noisy when new package closes many bugs, reassign 412033 to debbugs

On Thu, 24 Jan 2008, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> Bug#412033: PTS: extremely noisy when new package closes many bugs
> Changed Bug title to `extremely noisy when new package closes many bugs' from `PTS: extremely noisy when new package closes many bugs'.
It's not clear to me at all what precisely it is that the bts is
expected to do in this situation, considering that there's no way for
the BTS to know which bugs are going to be closed by dak beforehand,
nor can it sanely glob together these bugs.

If, as a maintainer, you've no desire to receive these messages,
they're trivial to filter out using the X-Debbugs-PR-Package: and
Subject: lines. [But that means receiving *none*, not a limited number
of them.] (I suppose you could also trigger on the contents of a
message and limit yourself to receiving one that way, but that's
slightly more complicated.)

Don Armstrong

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