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Bug#434257: send mail to everyone who mails a bug always

On Sun, 13 Jan 2008, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> I'm a bit newbie on how the BTS works, and I didn't know mailing bugnr@bdo
> didn't mailed the Reporter of the bug. I didn't even know the existence of
> -submitter@. I don't have a strong opinion yet on whether you should be
> automatically CC'd whenever you comment on a bug, but at least the reporter
> should always be CC'd IMHO. It doesn't make sense to report a bug and then go
> and subscribe to it.

If you want every message that is sent to a bug, currently that means
subscribing to the bug.

It's known that the methods of subscribing to a bug and figuring out
who gets what mail are suboptimal, and making them better is one of my

However, what won't change is that submitters will only be
"guaranteed" to get messages which are sent to bugnum-submitter@
unless they have also subscribed to the bug. [Making it so -submitter
means "make sure the submitter gets this once" and making it easier to
subscribe to a bug at submission time is one of my goals.]

Don Armstrong

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