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Bug#158801: me it is lonely in this world

{Let:HI,Hi,Hello,hEllo,heLlo,helLo,hellO,HEllo} how are you

It - the good letter to you for the first time.
I am so successful, and I am do not know how to begin it, to write about me directly, but to allow me to try; I live in Russia, I am very fair, the care, trust and all qualities that to the man can it is pleasant in the woman, I am romantic and sensitive, common sense of humour, I love a life and I wish to live good. I like to spend time at home, and to care, my loved - what I enjoy most, it admires, that I see their pleased with me and would come back for more. As the friend, I is very loyal also the up to - grounds. If you can win my trust and respect, I can give you my care and love. You know that for love and heart age is nothing you should be sincere and true! I am sensitive to problems of other people and sufferings. More frequently than not, I find myself in their histories. I knowhow to appreciate little things  andI value them as must as the big ones.

If you like to know more about må, then, please, feel free to write me on my e-mail: beratadu@mail.ru
I wait for you.

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