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Bug#435074: bugs.debian.org: Add Mail-Followup-To field to mail sent to submit@bugs.d.o

On Sun, Jul 29, 2007 at 09:18:19PM +0200, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> OoO  Pendant le  repas du  dimanche 29  juillet 2007,  vers  19:10, Oleg
> Verych <olecom@flower.upol.cz> disait:
> > Hallo, Vincent. I'm sending you private off-BR message to collect opinion
> > on current BTS<->mail state. You seem to care, thus i decided do this.
> > <[🔎] slrnfaphm4.anq.for.gmane@flower.upol.cz">http://mid.gmane.org/[🔎] slrnfaphm4.anq.for.gmane@flower.upol.cz>
> > <[🔎] E1ICht4-0005N0-K4@flower">http://mid.gmane.org/[🔎] E1ICht4-0005N0-K4@flower>
> > Any feedback is appreciated.
> Hi Oleg !
> I would really appreciate if all the communication could be done through
> the BTS instead of crossposting everyone. We could for example subscribe
> to a special mailing list to allow to be automatically subscribed to any
> bug we  post (like whitelist@li.do).

Do you mean every BugId is small mailing-list, and everybody who ever
posted there is receiving copies of any follow up? Or web posting interface?

> This would solve only half of the problem since it would be better that
> anybody got subscribed automatically to bugs they post in.

Well, i tried to explain my point of view based on my experience.

I see any kind of mailing-list like features in BugId as not easy to
implement and maintain for developers, and not flexible for users.

OK, thanks and good luck using Debian!

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