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Re: SOAP returns a bug less than HTML

On Fri, 13 Jul 2007, Gustavo R. Montesino wrote:
> Can someone please help me understand why
> ttp://bugs.debian.org/lool@dooz.org returns 233 bugs while soap's
> get_bugs("maint", "lool@dooz.org") returns 232 bugs (all returned by
> html, except 359160).
> I think there might be some different default between debbugs' html and
> soap interfaces causing this, but I'm unable to find what exactly it
> is...
There's actually no difference in the code; what has most likely
occured is soap.cgi has a open filehandle to an old copy of the
database, but I'm not sure.

Running the underlying code returns the correct result, so it'll
probably resolve itself shortly. [It also returns the correct result
on my local copy.]

Don Armstrong

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