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Bug#339141: There are some unarchived bugs left

On Mon, 2 Jul 2007, Don Armstrong wrote:


phylip 1:3.6.1-2 is still buggy and is in unstable and testing.

Perhaps this is because of the missing mipsel package according to


OK, that might make sense.  I did not noticed this functionality because
a bug was archived once it was marked done for 28 days.  I agree that it
makes sense to keep it as long as the package did not reached testing.



This is fixed in cdd/0.3.11 which has nothing to do with the package
in which the bug was found, debian-med. It should either be fixed in a
debian-med version, or if it is a bug in cdd, reassigned to cdd,
marked found with an appropriate version, and closed with an
appropriate version.

Makes sense and is explained in the text - but I admit not in the controling
tag fields - this should be fixed now.

or #423205


0.6.0-10 is buggy and is still present in unstable:


Same as for phylip.  Mips and mipsel seems to prevent the propagation of
several packages.  Thanks for enlighten me for the reasons why these bugs
remain.  I think I do now understand the graphs better.

Sesse has gone and written a nice tutorial on version tracking which
will help resolve some of these questions:


This is definitely helpful.

and you'll notice that almost all of the questions I've refered to the
version graphs, which is how I myself figure out what is happening;
they help to clarify this sort of thing quite a bit.

I did not yet managed to sort out the rationale behind these graphs -
even if I have to admit now that it is really not that hard to understand.
So thanks for the fine work on debbugs again



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