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Re: Software interaction with BTS

On Sat, 28 Apr 2007, Gustavo R. Montesino wrote:
> I'm going to develop a software that will interact with the BTS. From
> what I've seem, SOAP seems to be the best way for doing it by now,
> right?


> Is there any plans to integrate the SOAP support on the main BTS
> (ie, bugs.debian.org)?

It's already there.

> Finally, are bugs.d.o and bugs.donarmstrong.com synchronized?

b.d.c lags about 15 minutes behind the mirror on merkel, which is
generally a few minutes behind b.d.o.

> I remember having heard something about a SQL interface for the bug
> reports; but couldn't find much information about it. Was there any
> progress on this?

It's been talked about, but the interface to it won't be publicly
exposed; it'll just work as a module to the extant get_bug

Don Armstrong

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 -- Robert Heinlein _Time Enough For Love_ p242

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