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Bug#416581: debbugs: Request for some SOAP queries

Package: debbugs
Severity: wishlist


I'd like to have a myriad of new SOAP queries available.  These are the
ones that seem (FMPOV) the more straight-forward:

1) List bugs by package
2) List bugs by submitter
3) List bugs by maintainer
4) List related (as in same-source) packages

Also, whenever it's available in the new server:

5) Search in bug-titles
6) Full-text search


A nice extra thing that would be good to have for all of these, is to be
able to select a range of bugs and a sort criteria. As in:
   by_package(package_name, amount, offset, criteria)
But this requires quite a lot of extra work, so I'm not really asking for
it.  I hope I can make the patch for this myself.


Something that might not be so difficult, on the other hand, would be to
add multiple input capabilities, as in:

7) Get the status of multiple bugs
8) List bugs by multiple packages


Finally, this gets a bit more complicated, and is not _really_ necessary,
but it would be nice to filter the lists by the other usual things:

9) Filter bugs (in any of the previous lists) by severity, tags, etc.

I can't really figure out what would by the syntax for this sort of filter,
but having them would allow to reduce the amount of useless data being


Other things I'd also like but are currently not possible:

A) List bugs by maintainer+uploader
B) List bugs a person has contributed to, neither as maintainer nor as

A) and other useful extra information might be available by querying
some other service, like packages.qa.d.o. I'll need to find this out.


I will try to submit patches, but as I said on IRC, Perl and I are not the
best friends possible. Thus, I can't really promess anything.

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