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Bug#415932: debbugs: usercategory set to hidden always

Package: debbugs


Sent the following usercategory:

usercategory dpkg-program-maint
 * dpkg-program
 * status
 * severity
 * classification

Which got the set as hidden on the BTS, from merkel's mirror:

Category: dpkg-program-maint
Hidden: yes
Cat1: dpkg-program
Cat2: status
Cat3: severity
Cat4: classification

Checking a bit the sources, the problem seems to be that in
'source/debian/cgi/pkgreport.cgi (add_user)' $user->{"visible_cats"} is
used to decide which categories are hidden in the same way as in
'source/debian/Debbugs/User.pm (write)'.

But in 'source/debian/scripts/service' the code that deals with
usercategories sets $hidden but does not do anything with it.


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