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Processed: setting package to debbugs, tagging 319720, tagging 321925, tagging 345407, tagging 404806 ...

Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:

> # Automatically generated email from bts, devscripts version 2.9.27
> package debbugs
Ignoring bugs not assigned to: debbugs

> tags 319720 + pending
Bug#319720: Please tolerate "package:" with colon in control messages
There were no tags set.
Tags added: pending

> tags 321925 + pending
Bug#321925: Add RewriteRule in bugs.debian.org to mail addresses [Fwd: Re: Bug when there is a '+' sign in a maintainer email address]
Tags were: pending
Tags added: pending

> tags 345407 + pending
Bug#345407: debbugs: please add searching by owner
There were no tags set.
Bug#214849: debbugs: please add searching by owner
Bug#362789: debbugs: please add searching by owner
Bug#415259: bugs.debian.org: No way to search for bugs by owner
Tags added: pending

> tags 404806 + pending
Bug#404806: Please add link to buglog from single-message-page
There were no tags set.
Tags added: pending

> tags 89569 + pending
Bug#89569: Search by submitter is case-sensitive
There were no tags set.
Bug#105443: Case-sensitive e-mail address matching is wrong.
Bug#229057: bugs.debian.org: submitter search is case-sensitive
Bug#234802: www.debian.org/Bugs: Search by submitter email is case sensitive
Bug#285020: bugs.debian.org: do treat the domain part of email addresses as case insensitive
Bug#348859: case-insensitive e-mail lookup could be nice
Bug#382249: bugs.debian.org: BTS search by email address is case-sensitive; should not be
Tags added: pending

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