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Bug#414594: Cannot use Bcc: control and Version: pseudo header together

retitle 389634 [service.in] Allow modifying fixed versions using new 'fixed' command
reassign 389634 debbugs
forcemerge 389634 414594

On Tue, 13 Mar 2007, Christoph Berg wrote:
> Re: Don Armstrong 2007-03-12 <[🔎] 20070312181223.GA14167@archimedes.ucr.edu>
> > It actually is, but you have to put them in the other order.
> > 
> > [The pseudo header must come first, and it'll be marked as an error by control@]
> This is actually a variant of #389634. I still submitted it because I
> read the other bug as "please de-deprecate close". Feel free to merge
> then, though.

Yeah, what I'm thinking about actually doing is creating a "fixed"
command which will be used to directly twiddle the versions in which a
bug is fixed at without touching the -done status of a bug.

Don Armstrong

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