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Bug#414023: Please include X-Debian-PR-Package header in replies from the control bot

Package: debbugs
Severity: wishlist


I'm trying to filter all mutt-related mail to a single mailbox. For
the PTS that's easy since there's both an X-PTS-Package header and I'm
using a special mail address for my subscription. Unfortunately that
doesn't work for replies I get from the control bot when I'm modifying
bug reports - I don't want to use a special mail address there and
there's no X-Debian-PR-Package header (like for mails forwarded by the
BTS). I know that the replies can be for multiple packages, in that
case I propose to add an X-Debian-PR-Package header for each package

Currently the only way to see that the mail affected mutt is the
additional To: adeodato@x.y, but that does not guarantee the message
affected mutt. As an alternative to the X-Debian-PR-Package header,
the BTS could use To: mutt@packages.debian.org, or something like To:
Mutt Maintainer <adeodato@x.y>.

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