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Bug#377520: Sample script for access in python


Don asked me to send this proof-of-concept python script to the bug:


import SOAPpy 

url = 'http://bugs.donarmstrong.com/cgi-bin/soap.cgi'
ns = 'Debbugs/SOAP/Status'
server = SOAPpy.SOAPProxy(url, ns)

# Uncomment those to enable debugging
# server.config.dumpSOAPOut = 1
# server.config.dumpSOAPIn = 1

server.soapaction = '%s#get_status' % ns
result = server.get_status(300000)
print result


<SOAPpy.Types.structType s-gensym3 at 1081013260>: {'item': 
<SOAPpy.Types.structType item at 1081458508>: {'value': <SOAPpy.Types.structType 
value at 1081552588>: {'originator': 'Florian Zumbiehl <florz@gmx.de>', 'blocks': 
'', 'forwarded': '', 'tags': '', 'msgid': 
'<20050317144953.GA17605@florz.florz.dyndns.org>', 'package': 
'libcrypt-ssleay-perl', 'fixed_versions': ['crypt-ssleay/0.51-3'], 'owner': '', 
'blockedby': '', 'keywords': '', 'done': 'No\xc3\xa8lK\xc3\xb6the 
<noel@debian.org>', 'found_versions': ['0.51-2'], 'date': 1111072040, 
'mergedwith': '', 'subject': 'libcrypt-ssleay-perl: package description typo(s) 
and the like', 'id': 300000, 'pending': 'done', 'severity': 'minor'}, 'key': 

Best regards,
Jurij Smakov                                        jurij@wooyd.org
Key: http://www.wooyd.org/pgpkey/                   KeyID: C99E03CC

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