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Processed: setting package to debbugs, tagging 321925, tagging 348116, tagging 362935, tagging 367813 ...

Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:

> # Automatically generated email from bts, devscripts version 2.9.20
> package debbugs
Ignoring bugs not assigned to: debbugs

> tags 321925 + pending
Bug number 321925 belongs to package bugs.debian.org, skipping.

> tags 348116 + pending
Bug#348116: bugs.debian.org: shows bug filed against two binary packages twice
There were no tags set.
Tags added: pending

> tags 362935 + pending
Bug#362935: [service.in,process.in] Use RFC compliant dates in headers Received and Recent-Date:
Tags were: patch
Tags added: pending

> tags 367813 + pending
Bug#367813: bugs.debian.org: please use better interpretation of the "forwarded" statuses for bugs
Tags were: patch
Bug#369047: be smarter with forwarded URLs
Tags added: pending

> tags 53710 + pending
Bug#53710: BTS: All current and archived reports should link to each other
There were no tags set.
Bug#213827: bugs.debian.org: add link to archived bugs from non-archived bugs page
Tags added: pending

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