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Bug#370725: reading commands from regular emails to bug records

tag 370725 wontfix

On Tue, 06 Jun 2006, martin f krafft wrote:
> BTS commands are of the following form:
>   /^[[:alpha:]]+[[:space:]]+[[:digit:]]{6}.*/
> I somehow think that this is enough to be able to actually parse all
> incoming mail, not just mail to control@bugs.debian.org. Has this
> been considered? It would eliminate one source of error, namely
> forgetting to bcc control@bugs.debian.org.

The problem with doing this, is it means that all messages need to be
parsed, and to be correct, all messages then need to generate a
transcript message which should be sent back to the user sending the
If you want this as the default for you, it wouldn't be too difficult
to set up hooks in most MTAs to notice that you're mailing
\d+@bugs.debian.org and have it automatically Bcc: control. You'd just
get an extra mail until it went five lines wihtout a command, but I
suppose that's what is expected.

Don Armstrong

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