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kernel 2.6 didn't recognize the CDROM, while 2.4 did

Hi, every body

I downloaded the last CD debian testing Disk 1 (janv
30), the installation began correctly from the CD ( so
it is detected ide cdrom  well known type) after a
while, it gave an error : no cdrom detected , !!!
So I went to the other screen ( ctrl+F2), there is
neither  /dev/hd*, nor /dev/cdrom....,

With kernel 2.4, the cdrom is detected, and
installation was doing OK.

The Hard disk is SATA, ( ACER PC Pentium 4) detected
as sda by kernel 2.6 and hda by kernel 2.4.

Conclusion I want to install the system, I HAVE to
install kernel 2.4  and upgrade to 2.6 !!!!!
No chance when I use the new kernel 2.6, the CDrom is
not detected again!!!!

NB: same problem with kernel 2.6 of the official sarge
 distro !!  

I have installed in the same machine without any
problem Mepis, knoppix and other on-live CD, which use
the kernel 2.6 !!!!

any idea is welcome!
thank you for advance

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