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Bug#347794: bugs.debian.org: tag fixed seen as NMU

reassign 347794 debbugs
severity 347794 wishlist
merge 347794 88722

On Thu, 12 Jan 2006, Bart Martens wrote:
> I had added tags "fixed" and "pending" to bug #347521. But then
> http://bugs.debian.org/zssh says that it's fixed in an NMU upload,
> which isn't true. Workaround = remove tag "fixed".
> So an NMU may be how the bug was fixed, but "fixed" does not
> necessarily mean that it's fixed with an NMU. I think that the term
> "NMU" should only be used when referring to an upload by someone
> else than the maintainer of the package. Or am I missing something ?

That's what it's generally meant for; in the case where you've fixed
part of a bug, but there's another related issue still remaining, it's
generally optimal to either clone the bug and retitle it to describe
the issue remaining, or just mark it pending.

The most general case of using the fixed tag is to indicate that the
bug was fixed in an NMU but has not yet been aknowledged by the
maintainer, which is why the bugreport.cgi header indicates that.

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