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Bug#184770: Can we implement #184770: Request leaving "shadows" of reassigned bugs ?

Regarding #184770: Request leaving "shadows" of reassigned bugs

The motivation for the existence and solution of this bug seems clear,
and I think its possible to implement it now, in terms of bug

I propose a new BTS command "shadow" (call it what you like), the
syntax of which could be

  shadow <bugnum> <package>

This command could be implemented as a "macro" which does the following:

  clone <bugnum> -1
  reassign -1 <package>
  block <bugnum> by -1
  owner -1 <bugnum>-done@b.d.o
  retitle -1 $subject=~s/^<original_package>:/<package>:/

So, <bugnum> will still appear on the bugs page for the original
package, possibly in a separate section "Blocked bugs" (I don't know
anything about these new fangled usertags and sorting parameters yet).

When the cloned bug is closed, the owner (now <bugnum>-done@b.d.o)
will get a copy, closing the bug, and causing it to no longer be
displayed on the package page.  The original submitter will get a
close notification, though perhaps they will have to read the log for
it to make sense, because of the retitle..

Maybe this scheme could be made more elaborate/sophisticated, but I
don't see any reason why this can't work.


Clear skies,

PS. Daniel, you might consider updating all of your bugs which have
your PSU address, if that address is no longer active (donno if it

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