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Bug#95373: Extreemly preliminary version of this feature

0> In article <[🔎] 20050725063804.GA21206@archimedes.ucr.edu>,
0> Don Armstrong <URL:mailto:don@donarmstrong.com> ("Don") wrote:

Don> http://bugs.donarmstrong.com/105768
Don> see if that approximates what you were asking for.

The "download as mbox" links?

The content seems okay, but the MIME type is reported as text/plain
rather than message/rfc822 (meaning that headers, MIME multiparts and
so on are just displayed as-is by my browsers, rather than being
formatted in the usual way).

I suppose it's possible that some browsers don't Accept: message/rfc822,
in which case text/plain seems a reasonable second choice.  (For some
reason, w3-document-information is failing for me ATM, so can't check
we're sending the correct Accepts - sorry.)

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