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Configuring debbugs


I tried to install debbugs on my own system, but don't seem to configure
it correctly. The website can called, my mailserver also seems to pipe
the mails to the receive script, but there must be something else wrong.

Is there a way to get a logging from debbugs to find out what it is
trying to do?

But I try to describe my problems. I have some of my testmails in the
/var/lib/debbugs/spool/incoming directory. Now I tried to call the the
scripts from the cronjob manually to get these mails handled.
But I get the following error:

root@pendragon:/var/lib/debbugs/spool# /usr/lib/debbugs/processall
[1] B.110735368831209 process ...*** db-h/22/22.log.new: create: No such
file or directory
B.110735368831209: process failed (512 No such file or directory) - now
in [PG]B.110735368831209

 So what does this mean? The directory db-h exists. And interestingly
 those mails are handled only once. When I call processall again it does
 not process the mails that failed before. 

 Sorry, I am very clueless here, but maybe someone can point me to the
 right direction.


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