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Problems with local debbugs installation on a Debian sarge

Hello list,

In the hope, that someone can help me: I installed debbugs on my server
to have a BTS which can be easily used for my Debian packages. But I
observe a problem, which I can also find via Google, but I can't find a
a solution or the reason for this problem. After some time working, the
Cron Daemon on my server reports:

Subject: Cron <debbugs@leidi2> /usr/lib/debbugs/html-control >/dev/null

*** /usr/lib/debbugs/html-install /var/lib/debbugs/www/db <html-data
2>&1 failed - gave 2304 / 

If this happens, /var/lib/debarchiver/spool/html-data contains a lot of
stuff and I don't know, what is going wrong. Then I have to purge and
reinstall the package. Here is the way, I install and configure debbugs:

- install package (sarge, debbugs-2.4.1)
- user debbugs is created by:

adduser --system --group --home /var/lib/debbugs \
	--no-create-home --disabled-login debbugs

- exim4 has the necessary routers and transports for debbugs (see
- my config file [1] follows the template
- changed some Parts in test to fit the design of my pages [1]
- run debbugsconfig
- create missing directories in /var/lib/debbugs/spool/db-h (see
- run chown -R debbugs.debbugs /var/lib/debbugs
- create cron-file /etc/cron.d/debbugs owned by root with the following

# run the debbugs application
3,18,33,48  *  * * *   debbugs /usr/lib/debbugs/processall >/dev/null
7,22,37,52  *  * * *   debbugs /usr/lib/debbugs/rebuild db-h
11,26,41,56 *  * * *   debbugs /usr/lib/debbugs/html-control >/dev/null
23          7  * * *   debbugs touch /var/lib/debbugs/spool/db-h
24          7  * * 3   debbugs /usr/lib/debbugs/age-1
25          7  * * *   debbugs /usr/lib/debbugs/expire >/dev/null
26          8  * * *   debbugs /usr/lib/debbugs/rebuild archive
24          16 * * 5   debbugs /usr/lib/debbugs/mailsummary undone
24          16 * * 2   debbugs /usr/lib/debbugs/mailsummary bymaint

The last time the problem appeared was, when I sent a message to control
to change the submitter of a bug. After this, Cron began to send
error-mails. Maybe someone sees an error. I will now try the solution
posted in http://lists.debian.org/debian-debbugs/2002/02/msg00015.html
(means, let debbugs own all directories). But if that fails too, I don't
know, what to do next.

[1] http://debian.wgdd.de/debbugs/

Regards, Daniel

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