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Bug#34071: via listserv?

If debbugs could be configured to send mail to an additional
address, we could set up a listserv for people to subscribe to
individiual bugs.

Alternatively, Pascal Hakim mentions that murphy already receives
copies. So maybe the listserv could simply be stationed there? Well,
I guess it's better to separate the two. Murphy receives emails for
a reason, and that's likely different from the individual bug
subscriptions. So we could set up another one.

I'd be happy to get this started with a test server.
bug-subscriptions.debian.net is set up to receive emails, so send to
123456@bug-subscriptions.debian.net and i'll figure out what
software to use. Suggestions very welcome.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** the DNS entry for debian.net is only effective
starting 14 September 2004. Please do not query it before to avoid
NACKs being stored all over the place. So to be sure it works:

  host -t mx bug-subscriptions.debian.net spohr.debian.org


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