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Re: Subscriptions feature patch

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Joachim Breitner wrote:

> Sounds good. Who else should not be put there? The package maintainer?
> We would have to compare e-mail-adresses. Should we use a module for
> mormalistion or comparisation, or just use some simple regex hacks? What
> modules may we use, BTW - only from stable, or also ones that are only
> in unstable?

Generally, yes, but we have installed backports of spamassassin, for instance.

Also, since debbugs is now the only service on the machine, I don't think it
would be that bad to upgrade selectively to unstable.  What do the other
owners think(would require asking DSA as well).

> Which brings my mind to: Was it ever considered to move all
> e-mail-content away out of the source, e.g. in a module or using
> something like TT?

Yes.  I have a start at this(as part of a rewrite), but it was getting too

> > However, somebody will have to
> > work out the field format: hashes as field values aren't currently
> > supported, although there's no reason why they couldn't be made to work.
> > Perhaps a one-space indent followed by
> > escaped-key+whitespace+escaped-value or something like that would be OK.
> What about using some serialisation module for this? I guess there are
> quite a few around...

See my previous response.

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