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Documenting the installation....


I have just spent the last 24 hrs simply trying to figure out the
installation of debbugs...it has been a hair pulling experience to say the

Can anybody point me to a good source of install notes...can anybody post
a short HOWTO?

Here is the setup:

Woody on i386
latest checkout of debbugs from CVS (2.4.1)
apache 1.3.28
exim (3.35 -1)
perl 5.6

I somehow managed the www part..i can see the index page and read the
static HTML documentation....it's setting up the mailer that is causing me
the most distress!!

The documentation is very vague on what *EXACTLY* needs to be done..i have
not worked with exim bfore and it's difficult for me to understand the
correct steps...

My team has been asked to evaluate BTS's and i like debbugs..bugzilla has
been ruled out...so is GNATS and jitterbug....roundup
(http://roundup.sourceforge.net) is in the lead...i think debbugs fits our
needs and i want to convince my team abt the fact...

PLease don't get me wrong,i think the documentation of debbugs is letting
the popularity of this useful tool down...it's like going to battle
knowing that u have all the weapons u need..only to find out that u have a
lead ball chained to ur feet!:-)

please do not consider this a flame mail or a critique of the debugs
team..i think they have done an excellent job!!if anybody can help me set
this up correctly,i can write a detailed installation doc and post it

Thank You,

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