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Suggestion: new "trivial" tag


I do not know where you want these discussions to take place, tell
me if you prefer a BR or go to debian-devel.
No need to Cc me, I temporarily subscribe to this list.

What is this new tag for?  When packages have numerous bugs, maintainers
often forget about low priority bugs.  But there is no reason to delay
bugs which are undebatable and have a trivial fix.
Of course, the first example coming to mind is l10n ;)
But all kind of bugs could benefit from such a tag: spelling or documentation
fixes, wrong dependencies, trivial fix for FTBFS, etc.
This tag could be especially useful with NMUs, NMUers will be encouraged
to fix all "trivial"-tagged bugs.

The rule for such a tag is:
  * a solution is provided
  * this solution is undebatable
  * it is easy to understand, i.e. any NMUer should be able to check
    whether this is a right fix without any knowledge about the package


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