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Getting the list of all bugs against Debian as a file


I would like to do some sort of grepping around to find the list of dormant
l10n bugs as we are speaking on -devel. But I do not want to harass the
debian servers with "useless" automated requests. So, I was wondering if it
was possible to get the list of all opened bugs at a given time. 

I do not need the content of the bugs, but their number, the package they
refer to and their title. Once I'll get a list by harassing my machine of
mixed greps, I'll check this list manually (thus implying a "normal" charge
on the servers). If the content of the bug is also provided, that's fine.

Is it possible somehow (given the fact that I'm not DD and thus cannot read
files on servers if they are not publicly available) ? If this non-DD
limitation is too restrictive and makes it impossible, I can ask DDs I know
to send me the data, however.

Thanks for your help, Mt.

Testing can only prove the presence of bugs. 
    --- Dijkstra

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