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debbugs 2.4.1, and full disclosure

I'd like to release debbugs 2.4.1 to unstable soon, i.e. this week. Does
anyone have any objections? (Adam and I agreed that the new .status
format should wait for the next version, I think.) Naturally I'll give
the indexing and CGI scripts a workout before I do so, since one of the
points of getting this into unstable is to finally have a version where
the CGI scripts work out of the box. We may then want to drop the static
HTML building scripts after sarge is released.

The full disclosure part is that I've recently started working for
nCipher, and I've been asked to spend a small part of my time upgrading
their debbugs installation, I hope to 2.4.1. It's possible that I may
end up doing some generally-applicable bits and pieces to debbugs on
work time, although I don't expect a great deal along those lines. In
case that happens, I've made sure to get it in writing that it's OK for
me to contribute the odd bit of code to debbugs from work as long as I
update the copyright notice, so if you see the years against nCipher's
name in the existing notice changing then that's why. :-)

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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