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bug tracker eating bounces violates RFCs' spirit

Josip> We've intentionally set the debbugs software to rewrite all the
Josip> mails and receive all the bounces itself, rather than bothering
Josip> people, because it was thought that by default they don't want
Josip> it.

Well, "you are guilty of violating the spirit of the RFCs", I suppose,
in that the sender is not getting feedback that is mails are not
getting thru.

See how the problem went on for so many days without people noticing

You are relying on "odd, Bob didn't ever seem to respond about Item W.
He must have accepted my viewpoint."  Only later do we find that using
X-Debbugs-CC masks problems, whereas CC will show them right away.

Why not, when sending bounces, have a instruction on how to turn off
receiving bounces, instead of just assuming that nobody wants them.
That way the experts could turn off the bounces, instead of the
non-experts needing to turn them on, for which there is by the way, no
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