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Bug#188670: debbugs: Refcard page doesn't list submission addresses


Colin Watson wrote:
> > I noticed that the refcard doesn't list the submission addresses.
> It's meant to be a reference card for request@ and control@, as the note
> at the top of the page indicates, so I'm not sure that it should be
> listing addresses unrelated to either of those ...?

However, there is no concise list of email addresses anywhere (other than 
the source code). Since that list is too small for its own web page, I 
thought it would make the most sense to include it here.

In fact, the refcard page is the one which I was annoyed at when it didn't 
contain that list. ;-)

You're right, though, in that it makes sense to update the note / the other 
pages which refer to it, accordingly.
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