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Re: ANNC: New Debbugs

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, Colin Watson wrote:

> You don't have to do this all on your own. If something equivalent to
> the current system is deployed on master, then I am more than willing to
> help with any or all of your list. I think I have a reasonably good
> record of implementing useful features over the last few months.

I do need to implement enough, so that people have examples to work from.  I
don't think I am at that point yet(none of process has been implemented)

Well, sorry to disappoint.  Some of these features are rather low-level, and
rather intruisive into the behind-the-scenes workings.  I would not want them
developed on the live system, with live data.

On that note, once the system gets close to feature parity with the current
code, I'll install it somewhere, and copy all mail from master to it, and run
in parallel.

> [I'm not so much interested in helping until something equivalent to
> current is deployed, since it's much easier to test once things are live
> on master - consider this an incentive to make the new code public as
> soon as possible. :)]

Well, I'll be making a test framework, so verifying that features work
correctly will be easy to do.  This obviously includes a small set of working
files for each test to play with and manipulate.

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