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Bug#139936: corresponding instructions

here is the corresponding addition to the control documentation:

--- server-control.html	Wed Feb 20 13:30:54 2002
+++ /home/dannf/server-control.html	Thu Jun  6 16:29:13 2002
@@ -169,6 +169,12 @@
   <p>For <a href="Developer.html#tags">their meanings</a> please consult the
   general developers' documentation for the bug system.
+<dt><code>owner</code> <var>bugnumber</var> <var>address</var>
+  <dd>Assigns an owner to a bug.  Currently no notification is sent to the
+  assigned owner.  This is useful in the case that the "maintainer" is actually
+  a group of individuals, such as a mailing list.

dann frazier
Linux Development Lab
(970) 898-0800

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